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Blinding Sunset

Posted: October 29, 2012 in Cavalry, The Battle of Nashville

Forrest Style Tactics

150-300 Grey’s vs 10,000 Blue Horse Soldiers

By the time the US 6th Cavalry Division fought its way out to Davidson’s Plantation 9 miles west of Nashville, the sun was setting directly in front of them. This blinding sunset would have further obscured the Confederate ambush position and made for an ideal one-way visual cover. Bottle-necking the opposing forces between two narrow bridges a short distance apart, with artillery 300 yards above them, would have given a smaller force a great advantage over an adversary ten-times their size. This defensive action by the Reb’s was critical in preventing the planned flanking movement by the Yank’s. A break-through here by the US Army Cavalry, would have ended the war in the western-theater and bagged Hood’s Army of the Tennessee the next day.

6th division

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