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Posted: November 20, 2012 in Cavalry, The American Civil War, The Battle of Nashville

Perfect Cover

A short video showing the sunset conditions December 15th, 1864 on Charlotte Pike during the Battle of Nashville. This is where I believe the Confederate Cavalry made a successful stand against a force about 10 times their own size. Look at what the view like is with the sun on the horizon at the battle site. Perfect for the Confederates, not so good for the 6th Cavalry Division under Gen. Richard W. Johnson. Johnson had previously been captured by Confederate Cavalry and seems to have been feeling his way around the enemy flank, asking for reinforcements along the way.


  1. That is really interesting. Can’t figure out why they would build houses where there’s a possibility of people being buried.

  2. hillwoodguy says:

    They didn’t believe me, or they didn’t care.

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